VIDEOR Project Kick Off Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage is continuously threatened by human activities and natural events that can compromise its integrity and conservation.

VIDEOR arises from the awareness that the systematic and continuous assessment, monitoring and warning of cultural assets risks, offered on the web as a service thought specifically for Cultural Heritage, constitutes a strong support to the Heritage preservation.

VIDEOR commercial service focus on Risk Assessement and Monitoring, bases its core operations on the multi-temporal analysis of remote sensing satellite data with the aim of identifying critical situations to the benefit of the Institutions in charge of Cultural Heritage preservation, maintenance and restoration. VIDEOR allows on-site and airborne data to be integrated into the analysis of satellite data when available.

Services proposed by VIDEOR are:

  • Monitoring and analysis of human activities affect over cultural assets; monitoring service will furnish series of thematic maps concerning.
  • Monitoring of structural stability through the analysis of terrain/structures deformation.

VIDEOR main benefits are:

  1. Low cost monitoring service due to semi-automatic and routine processing and no human activity on site required to perform satellite based site surveys when assessing territorial hazards.
  2. Large areas monitoring thanks to existing remote sensing satellite constellations provide permanent coverage.
  3. Survey of inaccessible areas since the data are captured from space without on-site physical measure has to be done in the area of interest.
  4. On Web delivery.

Thanks to the exploitation of satellite remote sensing data, VIDEOR will be in the position to enable the successful monitoring of geographical area, all over the world, where armed conflicts, wars and natural disasters pose additional threats to the preservation of cultural properties.

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