Nais in Aerospace District of Campania

NAIS – Nextant Applications and Innovative Solutions-is pleased to announce that became part of the DAC- Aerospace District of Campania- on April 14,2106.

The DAC – Aerospace District of Campania- represents 28 sector players: 6 large companies, 11 SMEs (including 7 consortia bringing together 124 companies, and centers of excellence), 11 research centers (including 5 universities of Campania). DAC main intervention areas are:

  • Commercial Aviation – to develop methodologies and enabling technologies for the design and construction of new regional vehicles.
  • General Aviation – for the development of manufacturing techniques and assembly of light aircraft for the Business & General Aviation.
  • Space and Launchers – for the design and development of space platforms such as micro satellites and all dual use technologies related to launchers and systems for logistics and communications.
  • Maintenance and transformation – for the development of maintenance and transformation methods useful to new technologies and methodologies planned within the district.

NAIS through his experience, know-how ans skills in Aerospace, with its branch office in Naples, intends offers to big sector players a strong support in research, development and innovation process.