RAID – RPAS ATM Integration Demonstration

On 29, October 2013, the RAID “RPAS in ATM Integration Demonstration” project Kick-off Meeting was held at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center), in Capua.

Under CIRA coordination, various Italian SMEs will participate to the project, namely DeepBlue, NAIS, Nimbus, and the project has been endorsed by ENAV, the Italian ANSP.. University of Malta and MATS (Malta Air  Traffic Service) are international partners of the project.

RAID is one of the eight European projects funded by the SESAR Joint Undertaking to focus integrated remotely piloted air system (RPAS) demonstration activities, that is to flight pre-operative tests of RPAS integration in the unsegregated airspace.

Application areas of RPAS are rapidly growing, above all in areas such as monitoring, surveillance, as for costs and emergency zones, and also for commercial activities, one example could be the aerial mails/parcels distribution.

The most relevant difference with the manned aviation is due to the lack of a pilot on board, (the pilot is actually remotely located in a Ground Control Station), depending on which circumstance the issue of a safe integration of RPAS with the civil/commercial air traffic strongly arise.

Several projects, and relevant funding, dealing with the RPAS integration in the unsegregated airspace are currently being carried out, both in USA and in Europe, as those supported by the SESAR JU.

The RAID Project, which will last 24 months, is expected to perform both simulated and real flight trails to demonstrate the maturity of some technologies and procedures which can allow a safe RPAS integration of RPAS with manned civil and commercial aviation

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