MEDUSE Project – Field Trials

On the 22, 23, and 24 of July, 2013 Nextant has conducted successfully, the activity of the operational demonstration of Meduse project. The operational demonstration was held at the La Maddalena National Park and saw the participation of the reviewers of the European Commission, the head of the Department of Marketing at Galileo Supervisor Authority (GSA), the head  of the La Maddalena Coast Guard and the head of scientific coordination of the International Marine Park recently formed “the mouths of Bonifacio” (PMIBB).

On September 19, 2013 will again be held at La Maddalena, the final project workshop, where will be invited representatives of several marine parks and marine reserves in the Mediterranean.

MEDUSE – (M)arine park (E)nhanced applications base(D) on USE of integrated GNSS – co-funding by EC – 7° Frame Program. The main objectives of the MEDUSE Project can be summarised as follows.

a) To develop a prototype service infrastructure for the delivery of innovative location based and park monitoring support services within restricted access maritime areas (parks, reserves) to the following customer categories:

  • Institutional – Marine parks and restricted marine areas management organizations;
  • Private – Marine parks and restricted marine areas users (leisure boats);
  • Commercial – Commercial operators acting within restricted areas (e.g. cruise boats);
  • Law Enforcement – Marine police authorities (Coast Guard, Police, Park Marine Control body).

b) To demonstrate a significant set of services and applications that shall be enabled by the service infrastructure for all the above listed customer categories.

c) To analyse commercial sustainability of the service infrastructure in order to identify and characterise the critical mass of applications and services that shall bring sustainability and define associated service models towards the different customer categories.