AIRONE Project – (ASI 3rd SME Program)

AIRONE Project (ASI – 3rd SME)

On the June 2013 NAIS wins AIRONE project proposal (sAtellite lInk for personal aiRcraft meteO  informatioN sevicE), the first project funded by the 3rd thematic tender for SMEs on “TLC Integrated Applications”.

The project will implement an ICT infrastructure for the transfer service via satellite of weather information and assistance to the pilot of ultralight (personal aircraft vehicles) of General Aviation. NAIS goes well, the action of R&D undertaken by the project S2BAS in 2011, on the theme of aviation services in support of flight safety for the future air traffic that will develop inter-regional aerodromes. The project aims to provide an integrated solution of products to support the “Meteorological situation awareness” of the pilots, while reducing the need for on-board weather radar and / or aerodromes.

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