SESAR2020: NAIS involved in Validation Activities for independent Rotorcraft Operations

In the context of SESAR2020 Project 02 EARTH – “Increased Runway and Airport Throughput”, members of Solution 05 – “Independent rotorcraft operations at airports” recently completed the first validation phase of independent rotorcraft operations in the Milan-Malpensa airport environment, led by ENAV with support of Techno Sky, NAIS and Leonardo Helicopters. The implementation of Rotorcraft specific approach procedures and SBAS-based Point-in-Space (PinS) will allow to improve access to secondary airports in low-visibility conditions.

NAIS human performance experts have assessed the operational acceptability of new rotorcraft procedures focusing on related benefit brought in terms of air traffic controllers’ workload and situational awareness.

To complete the activities, the studies will continue in November 2018 and March 2019 with flight tests at Milan-Malpensa airport aimed at confirming on the field the effective flyability and operational benefits of the procedures studied.

Independent rotorcraft operation concept