MedPAN Network: MPAs Workshop

NAIS will attend The MedPAN network forthcoming regional experience-sharing workshop that will be held in Albania next 25 to 27 November 2014.

The workshop will address the theme: “Monitoring for managing Mediterranean MPAs”. It will bring together MPA managers and scientific organisations that work with the marine environment.

An innovative ICT platform providing managers and end-users of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with maritime LBS, such as: pay-per-use accesstraffic monitoringzoningcrowd sourcing for protected species signalingsafe navigationenvironmental safeguard andvisit enjoyment.

CALIPSO © services are provided both through smartphones/tablets and web browsers.


An innovative platform of information based on location services and design through ICT technologies, satellite navigation, wireless communication, mass-market terminals and GIS; addressed to managers and end-users of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

CALIPSO © platform with the aim of:

  1. Support turists and yachtsmen with accurate information and allow them to communicate sightings of marine protected species or to report the infringement and / or dangers.
  2. Assist operators of the MPA, with a system of monitoring and management of the area, able to give them useful information about access control and assistance in the area of the visitors.
  3. Assist the Institutional bodies responsible for safety and security of the area, making the information available on the positioning of the tourists and yachtsmen in the area.

The service platform enables the creation, collection, management and visualization of geo-referenced information by using GPS signal on graphical maps. Information such as warnings and advice to skippers, local ordinances of Marine Protected Areas – MPA, reports of protected marine species and violations of the rules of access and navigation; are crucial for access to protected and regulated areas. Managers of marine protected areas, fishing zones, anchorage or tourist attractions and point of interest, can take advantage of CALIPSO innovative information service, based on a simple communication way, direct and efficient.

The main CALIPSO © information services can be summarized as:

  • Management (definition of areas, inventory reports, user management);
  • Monitoring (visualization and collaborative users reports, assessments, statistics).
  • Information and Promotion (local info, POI, social networking);

CALIPSO ©, is the result of NAIS effort in the research and development, through research projects in the European  context; those actively involved some European MPAs with which it was possible to define the functional requirements of the current service but also to draw the line for future development.

Web site CALIPSO:

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