Cultural Heritage


The support to the preservation and fruition of cultural heritage is a theme of great relevance in the European territory, especially rich in historical and archaeological sites. The European Commission is giving utmost importance to the subject, requiring close attention to the local authorities, promoting protection and preservation activities, trying to spread the historical culture among the European citizens by making monuments increasingly available and accessible.

Nais, in collaboration with partner companies, develops, over time, strategies for monitoring and safeguarding archaeological sites, both in urban and rural areas, against the following critical issues:

  • Anthropogenic risk due to human impact on environment
  • Meteorological impact on the monuments vulnerabilities
  • Geotechnical and structural damage caused by the deformation of buildings and soil

Furthermore Nais develops solutions for the protection and for the fruition of historic buildings and museums:

  • Multimedia management systems for tourist use which make 3D reconstructions of living spaces
  • Website access management; assistance services to visitors, such as position tracking and emergency calls
  • Ticketing service forĀ guided cultural tours at specific sites

Market solutions proposed by Nais are the result of an ongoing collaboration with universities, research centers, public bodies and the outcome of business agreements with major industries.

Nais provides its services to public and local authorities, to MIBAC and ASI within the framework of collaboration in research and development projects.


Products and Services:

    • VECTOR (Advanced Real-Time Monitor System)