In the maritime sector, Nais has developed, over time, a number of innovative solutions based on GNSS-Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Earth Observation, SATCOM, LBS, Mobile Computing and external systems/services integration (e.g. Meteo, AIS, others). aimed to the following applications:

  • Monitoring the leisure and fishing boats access to protected areas as marine parks and fishing reserves
  • Providing information services for toll and checking compliance with the rules of harbour access
  • Planning assisted routes and tracking vessels in surrounding areas
  • Active checking of the entry and exit of ships from the harbours and of the landing and starting maneuvers, with the objective of improving the safety and the efficiency of port operations; safe navigation solutions for pleasure crafts.

Market solutions proposed by Nais are the result of an ongoing collaboration with universities, research centers, public bodies and the outcome of business agreements with major industries.


Products and Services:

  • CALIPSO (Innovative Information Service to Marine Protected Areas)